Urban’s Babysitter Phenomena

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Urban’s Babysitter Phenomena

Babysitter are persons who caring for the baby. Not only babies, but also children from the age of 1-8 years are now kept by babysitters. In general, babysitter comes from  unemployed women. They usually go straight home of who need their services, but there are also parents who drove their children to the homes of people who will be caregivers.

These days, many parents especially those of whom are living in urban areas use the services of a babysitter. Why so? Because parents who live in urban areas are workers and tends to have a lot of activities outside the home. It can be regarded as one of the factors that led to the use of the services of a babysitter. In addition to the above factors, there are many other factors that cause some parents prefer to entrust their children to the care of a babysitter than their own. But, the factor of business of parents who most often found become the reason the parents use the services of a babysitter. The increasing of use the services of a babysitter, resulting in increasing the amount of baby sitter in various regions.

In fact, there are positive and negative impact of a babysitter service itself. The positive impact parents burden can be reduced because there is a babysitter who helps in parenting. But in addition to the positive impact, it turns babysitter services have negative effects as well. First, the child becomes closer and even more like the babysitter than to their own parents. Why not? If the child’s daily routine always with a babysitter, then it is possible the child will not recognize their parents again.

Secondly, the child will feel a lack of affection from their own parents. As the subsequent impact, violence experienced by infants or children are entrusted to the babysitter. Today, nothing is impossible not everyone has a good and moral characteristics, as well as a babysitter. Some are good, but not all of them good.

The perception is supported with some cases involving a babysitter lately. Many cases of child abduction, and after the kidnapping investigation, it was conducted by a babysitter. Indeed, hard to believe, but that's what happens in reality. There is another case of a babysitter who would do violence to child care. And again, this is done without the knowledge of the child's parents.

Parents should be able to find out which one is the best, for their children. If you want to entrust the children with a babysitter, parents should know clearly about the identity of the babysitter. It would be nice if the nearest person or part of family members. But even better if a child taken care of by the parents themselves, not a babysitter so that children can get the full affection of the parents themselves instead of others. Related article may found on how to find a daycare, please do not hesitate to make a visit at daycare for babies.