Why Choose UHT Liquid Milk?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Why Choose UHT Liquid Milk?

"Why did your son drink UHT milk after breastfeeding?” Did the UHT liquid milk nutritious?” "Is it okay the child consume UHT after breastfeeding?”

These questions were so familiar to my ears since a few years ago. Exactly after my child feeding for one year and began to drink breast milk substitutes. Instead of annoyance because often being bombarded with these questions so I find out more about the liquid UHT milk.

First of all, if anyone asks at what age children can consume milk UHT, as discussed in this article, the answer is UHT milk can be consumed by children aged one year and above, when the kidneys are able to remove metabolic waste in the form of excess protein and sodium in the body. The cow’s whole milk or cow's milk that is not modified to resemble breast milk composition in which sodium and protein levels higher than breastfeeding and bottle feeding, in their consumption required renal function has been perfect as in adults.

Well, why I chose to give UHT milk instead of milk powder?

As we know, there are two common types of dairy products consumed by the public, ie milk powder and liquid milk. The difference of the two types of processed milk is in the processing process.

Milk powder derived from fresh milk, which is then dried, generally using a spray dryer or a freeze dryer. 30% protein damage may occur in the processing of fresh milk into powdered milk. Vitamins and minerals damage also occurs more frequently in the processing of milk powder.

As for liquid dairy products, there are three types of processing such as by pasteurisation technology, Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and conventional sterilisation. Specifically regarding milk UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk is milk that is processed using heat with high temperatures (135-140 ° C) in a short time, just 2-4 seconds. Heating with high temperature aims to kill all microorganisms and spores. UHT milk is then packaged using aseptic technology so it can be stored at room temperature for months, as long as the packaging is undamaged and unopened. Aseptic process technologies and packaging can protect the natural nutrients contained in milk, without using preservatives or refrigeration.

In conclusion, the results of the processing liquid milk nutritional value better than powdered milk to lose nutrients during processing. Moreover, UHT milk also contains essential nutrients needed for growth and development of children. So, Mommies no need to hesitate anymore, if someone said liquid UHT milk is less nutritious. Need more articles? Visit  pink punch recipe for baby shower.


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