Causes of Stress In Children

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Causes of Stress In Children

Causes of child stress can occur due to several factors. If your child usually, always cheerful, vibrant in school, active play is also obedient, but his behavior suddenly changed, then immediately alert. Changes that occur suddenly the child may experience stress. Besides behavioral changes such as school reluctantly, naughty, aloof or frequent crying, stress can also make your children experience psychological problems such as headaches, nightmares, sleeplessness, fatigue and diarrhea. Usually there are several factors that can trigger child stress, among others.

Never once arguing in front of children. Quarrels between you and your partner can lead to the child's fear. The fear is natural because a child desperate for affection his parents who make him feel safe and protected.

If your child is lazy to go to school, you should ask well what the cause or investigated by asking close friends. Maybe your child had difficulty in learning, but no one helps, afraid of a teacher and had problems with her friend. Once the problem is known, finish together so that there is no longer something jammed in the future.

During illness, your child will be prone to stress because he felt uncomfortable feeling. Immediately take it to the doctor so that the pain does not drag on and take the time to accompany the child to recover.

Children will also experience stress when lost someone who has special meaning, for example as a result of divorce, moving house or school. When that happens, take your child to socialize with the new environment in order to adapt and forget his grief.

In addition, children can also experience stress due to the loss of his favorite items such as toys or pets. The solution, give your child a new toy pets and so the stress is gone.

A child does not have the ability to cope with the stress they experienced because of the lack of experience in dealing with difficult situations also his brain capacity has not been maximized. For this reason if the child gets stress, then she should immediately get help from the adults who are in the vicinity. Equally important, you also need to be calm, to avoid excessive panic and did not participate stress. Instead, if the parents are also carried on the stress, then it will be difficult to soothe and make the beloved child comfortable.  Hopefully the info cause child stress helps you.


Great.Your post lights to the problem of most of the students faces.Hope it will help parents to find out and cure their children problems.


Very glad to see your post.You discussed a main point.Children demands more care and attention from elders.Hope you post such useful posts again