Uniques Baby Hampers

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Uniques Baby Hampers

The birth of a baby is a special moment where all parents welcome him with joy. Not infrequently, many parents celebrate this moment, especially when the baby was one month old. In the past rate of newborn mortality is very high, so if the baby has passed one month in a healthy state that it believed would grow up to be healthy as well. Therefore, there are many parents who want to share the happiness of the baby by handing out food and gift sets to the relative and family.

At the present time the terms of baby gift or baby hampers very popular. This is the time when parents choose what gifts they will give to the relative and family. Here are some suggestions regarding the content of the baby hampers.  Read baby shower gift basket ideas.

Red eggs

For the Chinese community, red eggs symbolize happiness and birth, and also a symbol that states a baby has been born. Parents will give an even number of eggs as a symbol that a baby boy had been born, and the number of eggs that odd for a baby girl.


At the present time chocolate has been circulating in the wider community for various reasons such as when eaten, the brain will give peace of nerve stimulation. Another reason in the western culture that chocolate is a romantic gift and for women it is a gift that is associated with love and romance. Chocolates, especially dark chocolate may also lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. Therefore, chocolate is very popular as part of the baby hampers, plus chocolate is available in a variety of forms and the price is relatively cheap.


Peanut candy, colorful candy, parents also given to the guests and as a symbol that everything is sweet for the birth of a baby in the family.
In order to make it look elegant candy usually is inserted into a glass bottle or the mini milk bottles in various sizes such as 100 ml or 250 ml. Then, the cap will be added pretty ribbon to show exclusive impression.


Towels embroidered with the baby's name certainly gives a deep impression for those who receive it. Besides can be used every day, embroidered child's name will be attached forever to remind us of the moment of the birth of the baby.


This kind of cookie is certainly gaining popularity in the public eye lately. In addition to the sweet tastes, the most interesting is the topping on a surface that can be customized with the child's name. Unique shapes in two dimensions or three dimensions can also be made as we wish. Cupcakes are also usually given along with cupcake box, this box can be a hard carton box with mica on the lid. This certainly avoids shocks during shipping. Find more articles at http://startadaycareservice.com