Parents As Key Of Children Growth

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Parents As Key Of Children Growth

The family is where children develop cognitive intelligence, emotional, and mental. Parents are responsible for leading children and provided him with a range of knowledge and values that are good for growth and development in the future. Read  baby shower flyer  for more references.

Do not look at this responsibility as something which weighing you down. You may not be a perfect parent, yet your children as well. All parents can make mistakes, but every family will be able to learn from those mistakes, work together, and keep trying.

To optimize the growth and the development of your baby, there are things that need your attention early on. Include the following:


Good growth came from good nutrition as well. Give exclusive breastfeeding until a baby is six months old. After that, you can give solid food companion while continuing breastfeeding up to two years.

When a child's nutritional needs are met with a good, physical growth and brain development and intelligence will work well too. Food and beverages with a complete and balanced nutritional content also will provide energy for the baby who was active play, learning, exploring, and exploring their surroundings. Keep in mind, healthy eating habits should be instilled early in your baby. Avoid snacks, and fast food, which is poor in nutrients.


Embed this noble value in your child since childhood. Surely baby will learn things good and bad, right and wrong of the parents. Teach respect, responsibility, integrity, caring, sharing, and other noble values.

However, with increasingly advanced of times and Internet facilities, in modern era parents have to face greater challenges in educating children. In response to this, parents must work extra. These values will be captured well by children if you immediately put it into practice in everyday life and not just with words merely.


A close and intimate relationship between parents and children will be created if the communications between the two sides are good. In addition, communication is a means to express your affection to the baby. With effective communication, children will feel safe, comfortable, and cherished cq. Baby day care.

There are five types word of love by Gary Chapman, namely:

  • Words of endearments

Say gently that you love your child, you will protect him, and so on which can cool his heart. Say also sincere praise, yet not excessively each time he does something positive. If he made a mistake, do not immediately scold him severely.

  • Show by deeds

Show children that you love and care about her with the fixing damaged dollhouses or together, assemble toy car had recently been bought, and so forth.

  • Give your time

Time is something that cannot be replaced with money. Although you are busy working for a living, try to always conduct quality time with your baby.

  • Give gifts

Not only at special moments like birthdays, you can also express appreciation and affection on child by giving a surprise gift when he won the champion class, won the drawing contest, and so on.

  • Touch of affection

Do not hesitate to hug, kiss, and gently stroked the head or the back of your child. In addition to providing a mental boost, he would feel loved and cared for.