Carefully Selecting a Babysitter

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Carefully Selecting a Babysitter

For parents who are interested in finding a babysitter, especially daily daycare for infants, first identify carefully and selectively. This is to keep the violence to the baby. Some time ago a horrendous news shocking the world where the babysitter trampling and it seems to try to kill the baby happened in Uganda and I had watched on YouTube, unfortunately link to that video was deleted. 

Baby who nurtured trampled on the face, abdomen and legs repeatedly. Fortunately, the parents of the baby come home on time so that baby's life can still be saved. The baby's father to suspect that acts of violence committed caregiver to their children because there are parts of the body are bruised trampled by the caregiver.

Warning sign for parents

It should be a learning experience for parents who want to find a babysitter to take care of babies or children by looking at the tragic case of the above. The candidate selection process needs to be carried out selectively, make sure the babysitter candidates for election do not have personal problems, family problems or other personal problems with the baby's parents. While based on the news that I read above is not clear that the motive for attempted murder.

However, there are some tips that parents can use to find a babysitter thorough and selective:

1. Request identity of caregiver

The first way that parents can do to find a nanny is the identity of the prospective caregiver. In this case, the ID card as a benchmark to find out who this person is about to be selected.

2. History and experience

This  way needs to be taken into consideration in determining the choice of parents to prospective caregivers. Ask about the life history and work experience so that it becomes the input of the parents whether it is feasible to be chosen or not.

3. Parent’s personal problems with the caregiver

This should be considered carefully by parents because most cases of violence against infants and children by the babysitter main factor is a personal conflict with the baby's parents. Usually a trivial problem that may be exaggerated and become the envy and resentment for carers. If parents remember and feel had a personal problem with the caregiver then it is advisable not selected.

4. Caregivers of neighbors

For in this way, perhaps most parents have done so. However, it should be noted that such as neighbors you want to keep the baby. Surely the neighbors were really the parents know all the behavior and activities of daily life and have no problems with the parents as a third way above explanation. 

5. Ask help from a friend

In this way depends on the choice the parents. What's clear is asked to help a friend who is closest to the parents and really believed that could help find a good babysitter.

Thus the five tips I can share with the parents who are looking for a babysitter for babies and children. My tips may not be too precise, and if you have a more appropriate way please use. This article merely provides a warning as well tips for parents in choosing a good nanny, precise, meticulous and selective as expected. Find a good daycare for infants at how to find a good daycare.


This informative piece is the nicest thing you can read on the web. It may sound peculiar but finding a daycare can be strenuous and challenging to an extent only parents can know. The tips listed in this post can be very helpful in selecting a good daycare for infants and toddlers.