Teach Kids To Say No

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Teach Kids To Say No

To teach children how to beware is a must in the midst of the bustle of crime news is happening lately, from children to adults, boys or girls, regardless of age and sex, making us all concerned about the future of our children. Many different ways might we have done so our children can continue to feel safe anywhere they go. 

Still, sometimes tucked little concern or fear if our child was potentially suffering the same fate, as did the children we hear the news, we watch, or read about in the newspapers. Who knows, someone destiny and fate?

Forbid them to have outside home activity also is not a wise decision, considering the children also need to socialize with friends or people in the neighborhood. In addition, the environment in the home does not guarantee the children will be free from criminal acts. Many things happen instead of children are particularly vulnerable to crimes committed by the closest people.

As a human being who did not have any power against another person or the environment around except for themselves, then the most likely way to do is to enrich themselves and their families with the sufficient protection knowledge, especially to children who are always in a position of marginalized, trivialized, weak and vulnerable, which easily dominated or controlled. Like what?

Teach children dare to refuse or say "no" to things like the following:

  • Someone who the opposite sex to take you to go alone to a quiet place.
  • Male friend tried to touch, especially on the part of the body is forbidden. Such as the area between the shoulders and knees. Even this fact also applies to areas outside the area. Learn to appreciate and your privacy region safe.
  • A stranger who asked you to go somewhere, even with the promise or any gimmick. This prohibition also applies to invitations from strangers in cyberspace.
  • Invited to enter a group or gang consisting of troubled children.
  • Invited to perform acts of crime, even though the scale is still small.
  • Bullying another friend or teacher who disliked.
  • Invited to enter alone into the room by the uncle, father, brother, cousin, grandfather, or anyone of the opposite sex with us.
  • Invited friends to try to use drugs of any kind of it. Including smoking to show strength or other symbols.
  • On the situation that has been cornered and desperate, teach them to yell and sprinting away from the perpetrator.
Although this ban has been touted and advised thousands of times to them, we still need to be aware because if not accompanied by the appropriate method, then the result would be potentially useless.

Requires children to obey

There is a tendency and great expectations from parents as well that they are so obsessed to form obedient children. Is this wrong? Not entirely wrong, but also not entirely correct. In this case we need to teach children to obey both parents and teachers, but should not stop just up here. Be obedient if it corresponds to what you understand so far. If not, please ask a question or further discussions with parents.

Why is it necessary to be aware of the absolute obedience of a child? Because of that obedience will lead them to equate obedience to all adults out there. This usually happens if a parent does not give good communication with children, such as frequent joint discussions or sit together to discuss the problems that a lot happening lately. The benefit is a child may act on the results of his own thinking ability, able to sort out where the good from the bad without having to always depend on parent’s opinions. Additional resources baby shower flyer template.