Entrusting Children In Daycare: Positive or Negative?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Entrusting Children In Daycare: Positive or Negative?

Alternative childcare in daycare, with all its advantages and disadvantages, it is relatively new outbreak in developing countries, but in the developed countries, the alternative is a very common thing. Therefore, there have been several studies that sufficiently reliable results about the impact of child care in daycare these countries. As for some of the research that is significant enough to be considered are:

Good daycare is good for children; bad daycare is bad for children

These results imply that it does not always leave children in daycare centers would have a negative impact on children, or vice versa always have a positive impact for children. Which determines whether or not the impact of childcare in daycare is the quality of the daycare itself. While the most decisive thing is the quality of daycare are quality caregivers at the daycare. Good daycare definitely has friendly caretakers, love children and has enough knowledge about early childhood education.

The results other studies that significantly related child care in daycare are from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, which indicates that child care in daycare does not automatically create a bond between children and parents is broken. From the results of these studies note that the negative impact on the bond between children and parents usually occurs when children do not receive good care at daycare (poor quality daycare), children left at daycare too long, and the child does not receive enough attention from parents when the parents were not working.

From the above results, it was obvious that leave children in daycare centers is not a negative impact on children, as well as the bond between children and parents, as long as the quality of the daycare where children entrusted either. Therefore, if parents decide to leave their children at a daycare, parents need to consider the quality of the daycare. How can parents assess the quality of a daycare? Obviously with digging up information about the daycare, either by telephone or direct visits. In digging for information about daycare parents should also have a long-term view that children do not often change the environment. Ideally, the child is in the same daycare for at least two years.

In addition to practical matters mentioned above, parents who are planning to leave their children in daycare centers also need to prepare their self emotionally, because generally in the early days of the child is in daycare parents will feel one or a combination of the following feelings-guilty, worried, angry, sad, jealous or relieved. When childcare at the daycare raises one or a combination of negative feelings before, parents can do the following things to fix:

  • Acknowledge that the negative feelings exist. Do not suppress negative feelings, but as far as possible to discuss with people who will listen and understand. Negative feelings are suppressed usually just sink, are not lost and can reappear at any time if there is a trigger. When spoken to the right people, those negative feelings can be processed and removed through verbal expression.
  • Try to build a good relationship with the nanny in daycare, thus reducing feelings of worry due to leave children in daycare centers.
  • Do not showered children with gifts to eliminate feelings of guilt that arise due to leave their children in daycare. Better to try to provide as much time as possible for the child outside work, namely in the evening after work and on weekends because in fact the child wants is time with their parents. Another topic  daycare for infants.

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