Daycare, Plus And Minus

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Daycare, Plus And Minus

Children are heirloom of the parents. Almost everything is done by parents always consider the child. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that in taking decisions related to the child, there is no consideration or over the term over preparation.

Similarly, in deciding childcare, especially if both parents work. Cannot be denied, the phenomenon of working-moms are a reality that more and more going on and need to be handled. When both parents work, the usual alternative of childcare is entrusted to the grandparents, or on a caregiver at home, or entrusted in daycare that started a trend in big cities today.

The parenting decisions really need to be considered carefully, for the sake of the child. Related to that, this article will explore the last alternative, i.e. entrust the child in daycare because it is still very less discussed among parents. Alternative entrust the child in daycare certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include:

1. Daycare usually provides more comprehensive education programs as well as providing educational toys for children. The study from the University of North Carolina showed that the children are entrusted to the quality daycare have cognitive and language abilities are better than children who do not get the kind of education provided by the daycare.

2. In daycare, child gets wider opportunities to socialize with other children of his age rather than at home, so it is more exposed to a variety of experiences and ideas. A study conducted by the University of Miami found that children, who are left at good daycare, not only have good social skills, but also has a strong self-confidence and ability to lead.

3. Generally caregivers at daycare were given special training in early childhood education, so as to parenting better than the babysitter.

4. When the nanny sick, there will be other caregivers in daycare to replace, so do not bother the parents. By contrast, when the babysitter or maid in the home fell ill, the parents will be hassle to find a replacement caregiver for the child.

While the drawbacks, among others:

1. Registration fee and monthly daycare high enough, besides in daycare there will be a late fee charges when parents pick up children is slower than a predetermined time. In many families the cost of daycare is generally the highest cost item. Especially when used daycare located in downtown because daycare in downtown are generally more expensive than daycare located in suburban areas. The need for daycare facilities are usually most in the city center where many office buildings. In addition, the cost of daycare for children under two years of age are more expensive because of the number of children of the age group that can be taken care of by a caregiver is limited. Usually its position as the highest cost item down only after the child enters school age, replaced by post school fees.

2. Leave the children in daycare requires more effort to the parents because the need to take children every morning and pick them up again in the afternoon.

3. Children are entrusted in daycare more susceptible to disease because it is more exposed to many other children. If there are other children who are sick, it is more easily infected.

4. If the child's illness is serious enough, parents still need a back-up plan because of children are usually not allowed to be in daycare until he recovered. More info on baby care basics.


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