Ethics When Visiting Newborn

Friday, July 31, 2015

Ethics When Visiting Newborn

Hearing an acquaintance recently given birth certainly encourage us to visit. But, before the visit, understand the rules of the game so that we do not become annoying guests.

This is my version of the rule that ultimately always I apply when I visit an acquaintance that had just given birth.

          No need to be first

Somehow, I often see, every time there is news of a friend or relative who has just given birth, and then we would rush to visit. When I had just given birth and by chance I had to undergo cesarean surgery, certainly my intention through a long process of natural childbirth until later forced fault, my body feels tired, the pain is still felt and then I just want my baby alone with or if the there is an additional, so most just my husband alone.

New mothers need time to recuperate from the fatigue and pain. Yet if it were unstable emotions facing 'title' has as a mother. Plus, do not feel confident with her appearance. So, it would be nice if we asked once before to visit the mother or father, how the condition of the mother, how the condition of the baby and when the right time to visit.

          Do not just touch and kiss the baby

This is one of the points which is enough to make me hardly restrain abysmal judging people visit then play touch, kiss without permission to the mother. The newborn immune system aka the body resistance is not maximized. While on the way to the hospital, we do not know what we touch, what germs carried by the body. Better to minimize the desire to touch and kiss. Unless the parents of the baby offering.  Certainly we must ensure that we had to wash hands with soap.

          Reduce nonessential comments

At time visiting and then we ask questions like this, "How come, baby face does not resemble his father and mother?” "Breast milk or formula?" "How cesarean anyway? The normal birth process is the best? "Well, do not be snobs known if we do not know the reason that makes the mother choose things that may conflict with our principles. See baby shower wishing well.

          Aware when it's time to go back

When the situation was more 'complicated', for example, the baby cries constantly, or we see the tired expression on the face of the mother or the father, well, it's a sign we should immediately say goodbye.

          Gift for a new mother or the older

While giving birth to a second child, I often felt sorry for my first child. Why? Because each of the guests came to visit his brother, always the little brother gets the prize. And, the older brother could only stare with envy. Then, there was a friend of my office who came to visit later she brought two gifts, one for younger and one for the older. At that time my first child's face directly smiling. The prize is not very costly, but it really had an impact on the feelings of the brother.

Learning from this experience, I was always doing the same thing. If I know people I want to visit have two children, then I will prepare a gift for her first child. But if it turns out this is her first child, I was still carrying two gifts one more gift is for the mother. After passing through the process of giving birth and caring for a baby, who does not love to receive gifts?

          Do not just post photos

Pleasure because friends or relatives eventually gave birth to a cute, petite, then we too impatient become PR who want to preach the happy news. Just write down the information on social media may not be a problem. But do not, then you rush to take photos of the baby and busy posting on social media while to tag a lot of acquaintances. Wait, assured the parents of the baby is not a problem with your actions? Before doing so, ask first if the parent is not a problem. More info at